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Catalog Export & Re-Import

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Sellerdeck Catalog Export & Re-Import + Feed Generator

Export any section, product or custom variable to CSV, TXT or MS-Excel ! Simply choose the fields you want, then create the export file for use as a shopping feed (e,g, Google shopping), for migration to another platform, or for making bulk data changes and re-importing back to Sellerdeck!

  v11 to v18.  (All database platforms)

Price:* £99.00

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Catalog Export & Re-Import - More Information... a Feed Generator

As an export-only utility, you can create product feeds to virtually any specification. There's also a preset for a Google Shopping feed, which preselects the export columns for you and offers the following features, not available in the Sellerdeck feed:

  • Export product options (permutations, attributes and choices).
  • Amalgamate attribute spelling variations into the same export column.
  • Select products to export by section.
  • Simple user-interface for field selection allowing complete control of which fields and variables are exported and in what order.

New Google Feed with Permutations!

Now includes a preset template for a Google Shopping feed including features not offered by the Sellerdeck feed. a Data Migration tool

Looking to get your data out of Sellerdeck to build a new site on an alternative platform such as Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce? This can be a daunting task. There are other options in the marketplace which claim to "get your data out of Sellerdeck" but many simply refer to the standard Sellerdeck exports which are unsuitable for non-Sellerdeck systems. We can work with you to design your data migration export to the exact requirements of the target system, and with our wealth of experience of the Sellerdeck database, ensure that all your custom data, collected in various locations over the site's lifetime, are included. We'll even provide a free sample from your snapshot. a Powerful Catalog Maintenance Tool

Export products to MS-Excel, make your updates and re-import them back into Sellerdeck. Read on to see how you can update hundreds of products in minutes! (or if you need to import / update products from a supplier's feed instead then click here).

Step 1: Build your export...

Choose your products

Choose your fields

Step 2: Run the one-click 'export' process

This will create a custom MS-Excel spreadsheet, containing the products and fields you chose.

Sample export file...

You can either use this file as the basis for a data feed to Google or other shopping sites, or make changes to the export file for re-import...

Step 3 (optional): Run the one-click re-import process.

Any changes you applied to the spreadsheet will be re-imported back into the Sellerdeck products, ready for you to upload to your website.

(Please note: You will need a full version (not 'Starter') of MS-Excel 2003 or later, installed on the same PC as this plug-in).

Customer Reviews

10/10  Gret service and product  Does what its meant to do. Simple to use and great service. Andy even helped us out on while he was on holiday. Very very good.   (03/09/2015) David - Scotland

10/10  Great Plug-in as usual from CP, saved me hours  Was in a pinch on a project. Just could not get exported data to import properly to a new Responsive Design for obsolete site. Catalog Export + Re-Import and Feed Generator exported the data I needed and imported it cleanly to the new site. What a life saver. Best £99 I ever spent. Thanks Andy   (13/03/2015) Todd Edwardson - Edwardsons - Boston, United States
Our Reply: Thanks Todd! Glad it got you out of a fix!

10/10  Better than other editing tools  I have used other companies in the past, but after a very short time of using this product. It exceeds any other tool on the market which I personally have used for many years. Extremely helpful with support issues, once again exceeding expectations. I could not recommend the product higher.   (17/02/2015) Mandy Harman - Waggitt - Gosport

10/10  Great Tool for Working with Sellerdeck Products  Perfect to get access to the Sellerdeck Product DB. Andy is very responsive to questions and gives great support to new users. Highly recommended.   (04/12/2014) Tony - UK

10/10  A Must Have SellerDeck Catalog Editing Tool  Indispensable, time-saving software for anyone who edits the SellerDeck catalog. Choose the products and fields to edit, export the file, make edits in a spreadsheet, import the edited file. It is flexibility and simplicity itself. And, best of all: Codepath's customer support is second to none!   (06/10/2014) Workshop Heaven - Banbury
Our Reply: Thanks Adrienne, great news that it's proved so helpful for you!

Software | Imports and Exports |  Catalog Export & Re-Import

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Catalog Export & Re-Import + Feed Generator

Catalog Export & Re-Import + Feed Generator


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Catalog Export & Re-Import + Feed Generator

Catalog Export & Re-Import + Feed Generator


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