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Some recent customer feedback...

  Catalog Import
Can't recommend enough!
  Adding entire ranges of products would usually take us hundreds of hours... Andy managed to import it in one click! He took our supplier data and through some collaboration, arranged the final products to display all the useful information in a coherent formula. His knowledge & expertise is very impressive and was a pleasure to work with, always happy to answer my many questions!  George Dudley - Handles & Knobs Direct - UK
Our Reply: Thanks George, great to hear you're happy with the end result and I look forward to working with you on future projects.

  Order Export v4 for Sellerdeck
Royal Mail Click & Drop
  Very useful plug-in. With Royal Mail now requiring 3D barcoded address labels, this plug-in has made the transition so much smoother than we were anticipating. Would definitely recommend the Order Export v4 for Sellerdeck software. Have used Andy @ Codepath before and will use again as has many great software tools to use with Sellerdeck.  Ret Patel - International Craft (Wholesale

  Sellerdeck Custom Reporting
Custom Reports
  Needed a reporting tool to extract sales invoices from Sellerdeck for a given date range. Andy @ Codepath understood the brief and very quickly created a software tool connected to Sellerdeck that generated the report required in a clearly presented Excel file. Have used Andy's services in the past and is always quick to resolve any issues and is a joy to work with. Would definitely recommend Codepath.  Ret Patel - International Craft (Wholesale

  Order Export v4 for Sellerdeck
Great Plug-in
  During the first lockdown we saw our orders increase by around 400%. We always entered our orders into our courier websites manually, but with the huge surge in orders we needed to automate the process. We have used several of Codepaths other Plug-ins so Andy was the first person to contact. The Order Export has saved us hours of work, we asked Andy to come up with a few tweaks to suit the couriers we use. We are now able to bulk upload direct to the couriers website.   Michael - Kiteworld
Our Reply: That's great to hear, Michael.

  Order Export v4 for Sellerdeck
Order Export Plug-in from Sellerdeck to Royal Mail
  We had a bespoke plug-in built by Codepath a little while ago to integrate our orders with Royal Mail and enable barcoded labels to be produced within Click & Drop. So simple to use and we would recommend as a solution for those who have not yet embarked on this soon to be mandatory method of producing labels.  Monica Hardman - English Yarns - UK

  Custom development or plug-in changes
Great program
  Great program makes my life much easier. Andy always very helpful if needed.  Lynn - The Baseball and Softball Shop

  Custom development or plug-in changes
Order Export to Linnworks
  Andy from Codepath has done an excellent job for us. The automation has helped us save so much time. It has transformed our business. The transfer of the orders from Selledeck to our invenetory management software Linnworks works perfectly. Highly recommend.  Duncan - Midlands
Our Reply: Great to hear, Duncan. Many thanks.

  Order Export v4 for Sellerdeck
Custom Exporter
  It's a mobile world, but we have not fully abandoned the desktop - The Custom Exporter build by Codepath has really helped us automate the order process... with staff working from home these days it has been an essential upgrade to the Sellerdeck setup by allowing order receipts to drop automatically into a shared folder that can be accessed remotely without having to sign into the PC that Sellerdeck is stored on - five stars from us  Stuart - Glasgow
Our Reply: Thanks Stuart, great to hear it's still a valuable addition to your processes.

  Price Manager
  This add-on is a godsend! updated around 5000 prices in minutes  Brad - DuctStore.co.uk

  Price Manager
Total brilliance!
  I purchased Price Manager from Codepath because I had a lot of stock items where the price is dictated to me and so large quantities of stock need price changes regularly. I used to do this manually and dread it as it took hours. Now, using Price Manager it only takes a few minutes, a few clicks and all the prices change. Great online support too.   Natasha Lyons - Body Jewellery
Our Reply: Glad we saved you some time, Natasha!