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Sellerdeck Abandoned Cart Monitor

Sellerdeck Abandoned Cart Monitor

Recover abandoned carts! Turn your PSP pending orders into sales by sending follow up emails for orders where the payment does not complete.

Contacting customers who almost complete an order on your site, but stop or have a problem at the payment phase, can be a repetitive and time-consuming process. To have the maximum effect, the follow-up email must be sent within a limited time window and you'll want to avoid sending emails to customers who have since managed to complete the process with a different order. The features of this plug-in, as listed below, turn this into an entirely automated process...

  • Your own HTML email design sent automatically via your own SMTP email account.
  • Excludes orders if the email address provided, appears in a later successful order.
  • Personalized email including direct links to the products in the cart.
  • Choose how soon the follow-up is sent after an order is placed.
  • Apply a highlight colour to emailed orders.
  • Run manually or fully automate via Windows, at a frequency to suit you.

Price: 149.00

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Customer Reviews

10/10  Abandoned Cart Monitor  The Abandoned Cart Monitor is an excellent plugin and Andy has been very helpful adding some customisation for the way we work. Great service all round.   James Sutton - Banbury
Our Reply: Thanks James. Glad its proving a useful addition.

10/10    We love the Abandoned carts monitor - so much easier than doing the reminders manually and a really good response from the customers i.e. most of them do go back and order!   Jessica - Snorestore - Snorestore