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Catalog Import

Catalog Import

Create and maintain Sellerdeck products and sections from your supplier's stock and pricing data. Site scraping options available.


  • Sections and Meta data
  • Products
  • Fragments
  • Prices and Quantity Breaks
  • Custom Variables
  • Components, Attributes, Choices and Permutations
  • Hidden Associate Products

... in fact, any data element which can be stored in Sellerdeck! It can even apply rules to adjust the data during the import such as stripping supplier image URL's to just a filename or currency-converting or uplifting prices. Each import is custom built around the data file you want to import from, so almost any file structure is acceptable.

Whether you need to maintain existing products, add a new range into an existing site, or build a completely new site, this plug-in will save you days of manual data entry. Pricing will be provided once we have reviewed your source data and know your exact requirements. Please contact us to arrange transfer of a sample data file.


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Customer Reviews

10/10  Excellent product and service  An excellent piece of software that saves so much time in updating our website. 1st class technical support from Andy   (08/07/2015) Noel - Electron Electronics - England

10/10  Fantastic product, saves so much time  Extremely good product which saves hours updating the web site and also ensures that the web site is more accurate. Now we have this product we can update the web site with dozens of new products which would have been too time consuming to manually upload, enabling us to sell more. Great support too   (08/07/2015) Trevor Gedge - Valu Computers - Norwich

10/10  Excellent Product - Excellent Service  It took me 3 full days till midnights to update the prices on our online shop and it was one huge pain,now only 2 minutes of fun! I just want to thank you for you're excellent service and for all the help with the Catalog import software. I cant tell you how much I appreciate both.   (13/02/2013) Gert - South Africa