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Order Export v-4 for Sellerdeck

Order Export v-4 for Sellerdeck

Export Sellerdeck Orders to any courier system, such as Royal Mail Click & Drop, or any accounts/ERP solution you need to integrate with.

This powerful new version of our popular Order Export plug-in puts you in control by allowing you to build your own exports. Whether you're exporting orders to a courier system or integrating Sellerdeck with an accounts / ERP solution, its flexible field selection optons, combined with feature-rich order filtering settings, can provide whatever output file you need.

Demonstaration Part 1: End-to-end process for Royal Mail Click & Drop (view full screen)

Demonstaration Part 2: Editing / Building New Profiles and Filtering Orders (view full screen)

Price (per year): 149.00

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Customer Reviews

10/10  Royal Mail Click & Drop  Very useful plug-in. With Royal Mail now requiring 3D barcoded address labels, this plug-in has made the transition so much smoother than we were anticipating. Would definitely recommend the Order Export v4 for Sellerdeck software. Have used Andy @ Codepath before and will use again as has many great software tools to use with Sellerdeck.  Ret Patel - International Craft (Wholesale

10/10  Great Plug-in  During the first lockdown we saw our orders increase by around 400%. We always entered our orders into our courier websites manually, but with the huge surge in orders we needed to automate the process. We have used several of Codepaths other Plug-ins so Andy was the first person to contact. The Order Export has saved us hours of work, we asked Andy to come up with a few tweaks to suit the couriers we use. We are now able to bulk upload direct to the couriers website.   Michael - Kiteworld
Our Reply: That's great to hear, Michael.

10/10  Order Export Plug-in from Sellerdeck to Royal Mail  We had a bespoke plug-in built by Codepath a little while ago to integrate our orders with Royal Mail and enable barcoded labels to be produced within Click & Drop. So simple to use and we would recommend as a solution for those who have not yet embarked on this soon to be mandatory method of producing labels.  Monica Hardman - English Yarns - UK

10/10  Custom Exporter  It's a mobile world, but we have not fully abandoned the desktop - The Custom Exporter build by Codepath has really helped us automate the order process... with staff working from home these days it has been an essential upgrade to the Sellerdeck setup by allowing order receipts to drop automatically into a shared folder that can be accessed remotely without having to sign into the PC that Sellerdeck is stored on - five stars from us  Stuart - Glasgow
Our Reply: Thanks Stuart, great to hear it's still a valuable addition to your processes.

10/10  Excellent response time and great service  Excellent response time and great service   Tony Moore - Satellite.ie - Dublin