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Order Export v4 for Sellerdeck

Order Export v4 for Sellerdeck

Export Sellerdeck Orders to any courier system, such as Royal Mail Click & Drop, or any accounts/ERP solution you need to integrate with.

This powerful new version of our popular Order Export plug-in puts you in control by allowing you to build your own exports. Whether you're exporting orders to a courier system or integrating Sellerdeck with an accounts / ERP solution, its flexible field selection optons, combined with feature-rich order filtering settings, can provide whatever output file you need.

Demonstaration Part 1: End-to-end process for Royal Mail Click & Drop (view full screen)

Demonstaration Part 2: Editing / Building New Profiles and Filtering Orders (view full screen)

Price: 149.00

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Customer Reviews

10/10  Royal Mail Click & Drop  Very useful plug-in. With Royal Mail now requiring 3D barcoded address labels, this plug-in has made the transition so much smoother than we were anticipating. Would definitely recommend the Order Export v4 for Sellerdeck software. Have used Andy @ Codepath before and will use again as has many great software tools to use with Sellerdeck.  (08/07/2021) Ret Patel - International Craft (Wholesale

10/10  Great Plug-in  During the first lockdown we saw our orders increase by around 400%. We always entered our orders into our courier websites manually, but with the huge surge in orders we needed to automate the process. We have used several of Codepaths other Plug-ins so Andy was the first person to contact. The Order Export has saved us hours of work, we asked Andy to come up with a few tweaks to suit the couriers we use. We are now able to bulk upload direct to the couriers website.   (16/06/2021) Michael - Kiteworld
Our Reply: That's great to hear, Michael.

10/10  Order Export Plug-in from Sellerdeck to Royal Mail  We had a bespoke plug-in built by Codepath a little while ago to integrate our orders with Royal Mail and enable barcoded labels to be produced within Click & Drop. So simple to use and we would recommend as a solution for those who have not yet embarked on this soon to be mandatory method of producing labels.  (10/06/2021) Monica Hardman - English Yarns - UK