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Order Import (Amazon™ and Ebay™)

Order Import (Amazon and Ebay)

Import your orders from Amazon and Ebay into SellerDeck Order Processing with just a few clicks then produce sales documentation from SellerDeck in the usual way!

Orders appear as normal Sellerdeck orders.

Includes options to 'map' stock codes, shipping classes and payment methods between Amazon / eBay and SellerDeck.

Reduce stock levels in Sellerdeck from Amazon / eBay Sales

Pricing is per module (i.e. Amazon, eBay)

Price (per module) 149.00

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Customer Reviews

10/10  Amazing product and support  We have been using this software for around 3 years now and it has done a perfect job in managing our Amazon orders into Sellerdeck. We have needed to contact Codepath a couple of times and they have been absolutely faultless in support with a rapid response.   Bob Guy - Pest Control Direct - Hailsham Sussex

10/10  Order Import - Saves time and effort .  The Amazon / eBay Order Import utility continually saves me time and effort. Simple to setup and use. The ongoing support provided by Andy at Codepath is just first class   David Ray - Blend Coffe House - Market Harborough

10/10  brilliant piece of software  saves so much time.   steven - Restrand - clarke

10/10  This product is absolutely excellent !  It has saved me countless man hours - well worth the money - Thank you very much !   China Parts Ltd -

10/10  Worth 10x The Price!  Brilliant plugin for Sellerdeck. Has saved our company hours and hours of time. Easy to setup and get working. Fantastic support too! Well worth the money.   Matthew - Tradeworks.tv - Gateshead
Our Reply: Thanks Matthew. We're glad it's saving you so much time.