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Price Manager

Price Manager

Batch update prices by section or throughout the catalog using percentage, value or cost-plus methods.

  • Handles Product, Component, Customer Account, Permutation Override and Associated Product Prices
  • Increase or decrease prices by a percentage or a fixed amount
  • Choose from 19 different rounding options to avoid 'odd' pence** (fig. 1)
  • Use the VAT helper to calculate the relative adjustment for a VAT rate change
  • Select only the sections, sub-sections and product VAT types you want to update (fig. 2)

(fig. 1 - select the price objects you want to adjust and the rounding method to employ)

** Note on Rounding: Rounding rules are applied to the price stored against the product. Whilst the plug-in can control prices for both Tax Inclusive and Tax Exclusive tax models, applying rounding to a Tax Exclusive price will not result in a rounded final price once the VAT has been added.

(fig. 2 - choose to process the entire catalog or individual sections and subsections)

Price: 149.00

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Customer Reviews

10/10  Godsend!  This add-on is a godsend! updated around 5000 prices in minutes  Brad - DuctStore.co.uk

10/10  Total brilliance!  I purchased Price Manager from Codepath because I had a lot of stock items where the price is dictated to me and so large quantities of stock need price changes regularly. I used to do this manually and dread it as it took hours. Now, using Price Manager it only takes a few minutes, a few clicks and all the prices change. Great online support too.   Natasha Lyons - Body Jewellery
Our Reply: Glad we saved you some time, Natasha!

10/10  Excellent  Your Price Manager Plug-in is an essential tool. Thank you for your superb product and service.   Michael - Stageprint

10/10  Brilliant Plug-in, great price, great service  This will save you so much time and effort with price changes, you can use it in several ways and it has many options.   Michael - Stageprint

10/10  Great Products and fantastic service.  Brilliant product saved us hours of work and the service we received from Andy was out of this world. I can't recommend them high enough!   John - Lure Heaven - Cornwall