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Product Page Converter

Product Page Converter

A powerful automation tool to convert your products to use the Google-friendly 'Product Pages' feature in Sellerdeck and create individual product 'landing' pages.

Having a unique landing page for each product on your site has long been an SEO must-have, but over the years, the preferred method of achieving this in Sellerdeck has evolved. Whether you still have multiple products per page with no individual landing pages, or used the single-section-per-product approach to achieve this, we can quickly convert your catalog to the preferred method of using Sellerdeck's 'Product Pages', whilst retaining your existing HTML page names for SEO purposes.

Contact us to discuss your current structure and we can provide a solution.


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Customer Reviews

10/10    I have to say this is one of the most useful Actinic add-ons of all time!  Malcolm - Artinet -

10/10    This is a great little tool, its very reasonably priced and has saved us a lot of time and effort.  Claire Burns - A Beautiful Mummy -

10/10    Without this highly effective plug-in [Section Generator] we would have been many hours if not days getting to a similar solution. 5 Star service... thanks Codepath!  Glan - UK Pool Store -

10/10    Does the job perfectly!!  Chris Wilson - Online AquariumStore -

10/10    The section generator is proving a great investment, and saving me a lot of time.  Rosalyn - Guidepost -