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Soapbox Product Reviews

Soapbox Product Reviews

Need a more lower-cost alternative to Feefo? Soapbox product reviews has collected over 200,000 reviews for its customers.

What is Soapbox?

Soapbox provides your customers with the facility to read and submit Star Ratings and Product Reviews for the products in your store. Soapbox is still the only review management system that fully integrates with SellerDecks's database and HTML page layouts and gives you full real-time control over the reviews which you publish. No spam, no defamatory content, just products reviews.

Why Choose Soapbox?

  • No monthly charges!
  • Google Search Results Friendly: Uses Google Rich Snippet markup to allow Google to index your review data (see sample result image below)
  • SEO Friendly - Display reviews directly within your SellerDeck product pages to maximise impact and improve Search Engine Optimization by regularly updating page content
  • Easy to implement - No programming or design skills needed.
  • No Spam - You decide which reviews are published, BEFORE they are published, with an easy-to-use review management and approval console (see below)
  • Invite Reviews - Send Review Invitation emails to your existing SellerDeck customers with direct links to the products they bought.
  • Reply to Reviews - Turn a negative into a positive by responding to a poor review
  • Create your own 'star' images and style the reviews and review links

"Almost two-thirds (62 percent) of consumers read consumer-written product reviews on the Internet. Of these, 82% say their purchase decisions have been directly influenced by the reviews..." Deloitte Consumer Products Group

Review Management Console

Google Results Sample

Price (per year): 149.00

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Customer Reviews

10/10  Brilliant  I've had soapbox for ages, it works really well and reviews trickled in - then I looked at the options included a bit more. I didn't realise just how well featured it is, I setup the review email invites and within an hour two new reviews - simple (I need it that way as you know Andy:) excellent   Ed Harrison - Kent UK
Our Reply: Great, Ed. Glad you're getting some good feedback!

10/10  Works great.  What can be better than getting your customers to write content on an otherwise dull product? Unlike other review schemes this adds relevant content to your page which you can also edit to make even better, plus you can now add your own reply to further enhance the process.   Simon Wells - Wells Poultry -
Our Reply: Thanks Simon. Nice to hear it's been a valuable addition to your site.

10/10  Simple and effective  We've been running Soapbox on our site for a few years now and it has proved invaluable both for us and our customers. We particularly like how we can add comments of our own when someone (usually a pathetic competitor) tries to write something silly.    -

10/10  Super service and support  Because I'm an idiot, I had some problems installing Soapbox in the latest Sellerdeck release. A couple of emails later, and it's all sorted. And as for Soapbox itself, I can't rate it highly enough. A one-off cost plus easy to administer review system. Get it.    -

10/10  Always Helpful !  We've been using the plug ins for a few years and occasionally we change PC's and have to re-load the software as per today. The company is super efficient and helps you out which is why we recommend them for importing in and out Sellerdeck into Intuit Quickbooks.   Steve - UK
Our Reply: Thanks, Steve! Always happy to help.